Goocher / Kidney Stone Soup (2017)

Method to the Madness

I took a different approach to composing on this album, crafting dance-oriented beats and riffs, with flying melodies, pumping bass, and syncopated, jazzy-shuffling rhythms.

I grew up listening to: KC & The Sunshine Band, Stevie Wonder (Songs in the Key of Life rules!), Earth Wind & Fire, Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk, etc. I was a kid when Disco was huge, so I was too young know that Disco was "bad". This collection is a Metally/Proggy tribute.

Album Name

Kidney stone happened. The album cover is a picture of the soup.


  1. "Rilelo"
    This tune kicks off with an infectious melody and pumping bass line.

  2. "Bygetubony"
    Metallic thing with a lilting Allan Holdsworth line thrown in the middle, surrounded by unsettling ambient washes. Not danceable! Unless you mosh.

  3. "Galyde"
    Starts as one thing, then takes a detour down into a dark underworld of noisy ambience and Proggy weirdness, before resurfacing with a four-on-the-floor outro.

  4. "Su"
    Prog. Guitar solo inspired by Steve Lukather, Jim Reindel, and Michael Schenker.

  5. "Nidepeli"
    Bell-like melody with guitar whispers and shouts. Definite nods to Brian May and Phil Keaggy. Bluesy/slightly jazzy reprise at the end.

  6. "Kyje"
    Sorta Latin-/Metal-flavoured thing made of guitar/bass unison. Syncopated. Guitar solo is nod to Jake Bowen of Periphery.

  7. "Jo Gesehone"
    11-minute Disco-ish journey through landscape of influences, ranging from Randy Rhodes to Michael Jackson to Prince to The Who to Stevie Wonder to Eric Johnson to Genesis to Vince Vrbancic.

  8. "Thump"
    Inspired by Popcorn. Seven-minute tour de force. Noise solo. Affectionate nod to Meshuggah at the four-minute mark. A little Black Sabbath "Iron Man" influence in parts.