Goocher / The Unfinished Poem (2009)

The Unfinished Story

Released well after most of the music had been recorded. Called "The Unfinished Poem" because remained "unfinished" for a few years.

Goocher played all of the instruments -- guitar, keys, bass, drum programming, and vox. Featured artists: Kenwood Dennard primary drummer on "Otherness & Mystique". Jim Reindel performing all six-string duties on "Otherness & Mystique."

Song list:

  1. "EJ Gone Mad"
    Originally inspired by Eric Johnson, but morphed into something else. Guitars and E-Bow; no synths.

  2. "Thrusters"
    Fast-paced; straddles Metal and Fusion, with a tip of the hat to Allan Holdsworth's influence on the backing chords.

  3. "Oliver's Travels - Part 2"
    An ode to a friend who died. Tribute to RUSH.

  4. And Then I Saw It"
    Ambient guitars voodoo.

  5. "More of You"
    Metal. Inspired by Linkin Park.

  6. "Fly Away Tonight"
    Singer/songwriter-y ode to another friend who passed away.

  7. "As If"
    I asked myself whether I could create a tune whose only purpose was for shredding, to which I answered, "As if!"

  8. "A Walk in the Park"
    Funky throwaway I kept because I love the feel.

  9. "Otherness & Mystique"
    Crazy electro-Prog thing featuring Jim Reindel throughout.